DIY Wedding Flowers

If your dream wedding is one full of an abundance of stunning seasonal blooms, the Cotswold Posy Patch is here to provide them for you.

DIY WEDDING FLOWERS: If you would like to create your own floral arrangements, I can supply you with buckets of wonderfully fresh seasonal flowers, grown in Glouestershire.
There are three options to choose from:

My choice of varieties and colours – £50 per bucket

Your choice of colour, my choice of varieties – £60 per bucket

Fully Bespoke – buckets can be made up to contain your choice of varieties and colours from those available and the cost will be calculated using per stem prices (available on request). All bespoke orders are subject to an additional service charge .

Buckets contain an average of 60 stems of my mixed seasonal flowers. The mix will vary according to the time of year and will consist of those flowers looking their best at the time of harvesting. Please note that whilst I am able to offer a colour themed option, I cannot guarantee any particular varieties of flower and am not able to grow to order. With this in mind, I would suggest that if you have a very particular vision for your wedding flowers for example, lots of roses and peonies, you would be better off approaching a florist who buys in flowers from a wholesaler and can obtain large quantities of any flower in any colour. If, however, you love the idea of freshly cut, seasonal, locally grown flowers for your wedding then I would love to chat to you more about your ideas.

All flowers will be cut and prepared appropriately to ensure they are in the best possible condition when you are ready to arrange them. Buckets of flowers can be collected from The Cotswold Posy Patch at Primrose Vale Farm Shop on an agreed day.

Please do email me at if you’d like to discuess your DIY wedding flower ideas with me further.