Bespoke DIY Wedding Flower Classes

If you’d love to arrange your own wedding flowers and have fiends and family involved but aren’t sure where to start, one of my bespoke classes might be just what you need. I’ll help you to focus your ideas and learn the skills you need whilst you share this special experience with your loved ones.

Peach and cream flowers bridal bouquet bridesmaid posy Cheltenham wedding

There are four packages to choose from, each lasting for 3 hours and costing £300. A maximum of 6 guests of your choosing can be accommodated at each session. The session options are as follows:

(1) Bouquets, Jam Jar Posies and Buttonholes

(2) Garlands for table runners and hanging

(3) Hair flowers and wearable flowers

(4) Larger arrangements – Urn/milk churn/top table

Bespoke Class details:

  • Private session: This will be a private session for you and your guests to enjoy time to explore your ideas for your wedding flowers. It will not be open to the public.
  • Timings: It is recommended that you arrange your class for a date approximately 3 months before your wedding in order to have enough time to practice the skills taught. Please be aware that these classes are only available during the British flower growing season (April-Oct).
  • Materials and Tools: All materials and tools will be provided for the session.
  • Flower varieties and seasonality: Please note, as I work only with seasonal British grown flowers, we will be using whichever flowers are in season at the time of your class, and these are likely to be different from those in season on your wedding date.
  • Flower sources: Wherever possible, I try to use flowers I have grown myself. However in some cases, it is necessary for me to source extra flowers from colleagues who also grow locally.

Important things to note:

  • No guarantee of varieties: Wherever possible, I will try to provide flowers that will have a similar look and colour scheme to those you wish to have included in your wedding flowers, however, it is not possible to guarantee this owing to the whims of mother nature.
  • Deposit and Balance Payment: A deposit of £100 per module is required to secure the booking for a DIY Bespoke Class. The balance will be payable 4 weeks prior to the class date.
  • Quote: If you would like to arrange a session, please request a booking form.Using the information you provide, I will put together a quote for the modules you would like, confirming your details. In order to secure the booking, I require a signed quote and deposit payment.
  • Large Scale Installations: For health and safety reasons, I am not able to offer sessions on how to create large scale installations such as floral chandeliers, archways or hanging plank arrangements.

Please do get in touch with me at if you would like to book a class. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing this special time with you.

Liz x