I’m a florist. Do you offer trade price and how do I buy your flowers?

Yes we do offer trade price. Information about our Flowers for Florists service and how to sign up for it can be found here. Please ensure you sign up to our availability emails using a work email to prove your trade status or you may be removed from the list. Thank you!

I’d like to order some flowers but your website says they’re out of stock. Is this correct?

Yes. Our webshop is kept up to date with flower availability. We’ve experienced a rise in demand this year (thanks Brexit?!) which means we are sometimes selling out early. Florists signed up to our mailing list will receive an email once a week on a Friday when listings for the following week go live. 

Is Cotswold Posy Patch open to visitors?

We really appreciate all the requests we get from people who take an interest in us and ask to pop in and see what we do. Sadly, owing to the pressures of the growing season and the amount of work we have to get done in a short space of times, it isn’t possible for us to accommodate drop in visitors. If, however you would like to see the flower plot, you can do so by booking onto one of our Pick Your Own flowers events.

If you would like to spend time 1:1 with Liz learning more about cut flower growing, you can book a private consultation session run at the flower plot.

Do you accept volunteers?

Thank you for your interest – we really appreciate the generous offers of help we receive and are thrilled that people want to be involved with our business. We are looking to take on some extra help for the 2021 growing season so please do get in touch by emailing laura@cotswoldposypatch.com to let us know that you’re interested.

Where can I buy your flowers?

Between April and October, buckets, half buckets and Kilner jar arrangements of flowers will be available for members of the public to purchase through our webshop for collection from Liz’s home in The Reddings, Cheltenham.

We also sell bunches of flowers through Primrose Vale Farm Shop during the growing season (March – October/November). Please note, these are subject to availability and we would recommend calling ahead to check whether there are any in stock.

If you are a florist we offer flowers by the bucket (see below).

What sort of flowers do you grow?

We grow lots of different varieties using successional planting and rotation. The mix changes every year depending on which were the most successful and brought us the most joy! This year’s growing calendar is available to view here.

Why should I buy from you instead of a supermarket?

We grow beautiful, seasonal flowers that include wonderful fragrance and unusual varieties not found in commercially grown bouquets. Cotswold Posy Patch flowers are freshly picked, thoroughly conditioned and sold locally, saving thousands of travel miles. By buying from us you are supporting small scale British flower growing, increasing floral crop diversity and sustainable farming practices. For more information on the British flower industry please see www.flowersfromthefarm.co.uk.

Why are your flowers more expensive than supermarket flowers?

Cheap bunches of supermarket chrysanthemums and other single variety bouquets contain medium grade flowers which are produced on a massive scale with very small profit margins per bunch – the profit is made from the sheer number of bunches sold. We offer a completely different product – our flowers bouquets are mixed variety, premium grade, and nurtured by hand from seed to flower. It is a time-intensive process that requires careful preparation and planning well before the first blooms are ready for harvest. Growing on a smaller scale allows us greater attention to detail, and the flexibility to trial new varieties and champion more unusual plants. We prioritise fragrance, variety and individuality over uniformity of size and shape. For a more in-depth look at pricing please see our blog.

Where can I learn more about British flowers?

Great! If you’re interested in learning how to grow your own flowers we run a workshop twice a year to teach you how (see here for more info). We also run workshops teaching you how to make beautiful floral arrangements, from hand-tied bouquets to dried flower wreaths. You can book onto one of our existing workshops via our shop, or if you can get a groups of friends together we can arrange a date especially for you.

Flowers from the Farm is the national organisation of British Flower Growers and their website has a wealth of information on the subject.

Do flower arrangers qualify for trade prices?

No, sadly we are not able to offer trade prices to those who are not actively running a business.

Do you deliver to florists?

Sadly, no. At this time, we are only able to offer flowers for collection. We request that all florists collect their orders from Liz’s house in the Reddings, Cheltenham. Full address provided on purchase.

Do you grow to order?

Unfortunately due to space constraints we are not able to grow for specific customer orders.

Do you grow edible flowers?

Unfortunately no, we’re unable to provide edible flowers and recommend that you seek out a specialist grower for this.

Is Cotswold Posy Patch Wheelchair Accessible?

As this is first and foremost a small working flower plot with uneven ground and narrow paths between flower beds, the plot is likely to be inaccessible for most wheelchairs. It may also pose difficulties for customers with disabilities to access. If you would like to come to one of our events and have specific access requirements, please email laura@cotswoldposypatch.com before booking to discuss whether we will be able to make reasonable adjustments to enable you to participate. We recommend visitors to the site wear sturdy footwear and clothes that they don’t mind getting a bit mucky.

What will be in season at the time of my event?

Please see our calendar page for an idea of what varieties might be in flower at different times of the year. Subscribe to our newsletter to be updated with exactly what’s available closer to the time.

Can I come and see you to talk about my flower requirements/event?

Owing to the pressures of the growing season, it is not possible for us to offer face to face consultations about flower orders. If you would like to discuss your order, please contact Laura at laura@cotswoldposypatch.com or on 07930656416.

Do you offer floristry services / advice about DIY wedding flowers?

Unfortunately we are not able to cater for DIY wedding flowers this season (2020) due to other commitments. If you’re interested in this service we can recommend the following local growers and florists:

Caroline White at Abbey Meadow Flowers https://www.abbeymeadowflowers.co.uk/

Fiona Porter – Cotswold Country Flowers https://www.cotswold-country-flowers.co.uk/

Penny Dommett – Plans and Plants https://plansandplants.co.uk/cut-flowers-and-weddings

Claire Shovelton – Loanda Flowers http://www.loandaflowers.co.uk/

Imogen – Saltbox and Co http://www.saltboxandco.co.uk/

Do you offer flowers for photo shoots?

We cannot accept any bespoke orders for flowers this year. Flowers will be available to buy by the bucket or half bucket via our webshop between March and October/November. Please sign up to our newsletter for weekly availability updates.