Half bucket of fresh cut flowers



30 stems of locally-grown, seasonal cut flowers in a mixture of varieties and colours.


If you wish to have a full bucket of flowers (60 stems), please order 2 half buckets and I will combine your order into one.


Only by contactless doorstep collection from Liz’s home in Cheltenham please (details will be provided in the order confirmation email).



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Half a bucket of flowers – we require 3 days notice to have this ready for you.

A half bucket contains a mixture of 30 stems of beautiful, seasonal British flowers grown in Gloucestershire by Cotswold Posy Patch.

To order a full bucket (60 stems), please select 2 half buckets and I will combine your order into one.

Please note – this is a selection of flowers for you to arrange yourself, not a bouquet. The picture here is for illustration purposes only and is not necessarily indicative of the exact flowers you will receive. I will select the best of what is ready to harvest at the time of your order.

Collection Information

At present, I am not able to offer delivery or collection from Primrose Vale. Instead, flowers will be available by contactless doorstep collection from my home in The Reddings, Cheltenham. The address will be provided in the order confirmation email.

Please confirm the date/time when you would like to collect your flowers when you place your order. Please give a minimum of three full days notice to allow time to harvest and correctly condition the flowers.

Care Guide

We grow our flowers for their ephemeral beauty, scent and delicacy and so you may find the vase life is shorter than you would get with flowers from a supermarket. Those flowers are bred for longevity, often at the expense of important characteristics such as fragrance, and treated with chemicals to artificially extend their lives. Our flowers are grown by hand on a small scale in a way that works with nature and the seasons.

There are, however, things you can do to give your flowers their longest possible vase life: Use a clean vase and rinse it out daily, giving the flowers clean water each time. Keep them  cool, away from direct sunlight and radiators. Avoid placing them near ripening fruit, especially bananas. Different flowers have different vase lives so remove faded blooms from the arrangement as they go over.

Covid-19 Policy

We are adhering to government guidelines in the way we work during the current situation. We follow a careful hygiene policy including washing hands thoroughly before handling flowers and swabbing buckets with disinfectant before collection. Liz will place your flower order out on her doorstep shortly before your chosen arrival time so that collection can be contactless. We would recommend that you take the precaution of thoroughly washing hands after handling any of our products.


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